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Misc March 24th, 2010

Startup của bạn Thảo Nguyên mà tôi đã nhắc tới đang có tuyển dụng mới. Tùy từng vị trí yêu cầu bạn có từ 1 – 3 năm kinh nghiệm hay mới tốt nghiệp. Dưới đây là chi tiết:


P0=mandatory/must have skills and/or 3 years of experience. P3=some knowledge and/or 1 year of experience.

Flash Developer

P0 Flash/Flex, Action Script, Cairngorm (framework),
P0 HTML/CSS/JavaScript
P1 Python, Django (framework) (PHP is okay)
P2 Java
P2 REST &JSON (communication with web services)

System Administrator

- Responsible for deploying, monitoring, and administrating our server software components.
P0 Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu Server)
P0 Shell script (programing language) (bash, sh) & UNIX commands (grep, find sed….)
P0 Linux Software Installation (from sources)
P0 Apache & SSL (certificate)
P1 Database PostgreSQL (MySQL accepted), administration, configuration, replication
P1 Monitoring tools (such as nagios, ganglia, etc.)
P1 Source Control Versioning (Subversion, or Git)
P1 Deployment tool (Cruise Control, Capistrano)
P2 Amazon Services such as Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) and Simple Service Storage (S3).

3 years of experience as a System Administrator. P0=3 years P1=1 year

Mobile Developer:

Mandatory knowledge:

P0 C, Java, and basic SQL
P0 Version control system (e.g., Subversion)
P0 English understanding

Appreciated knowledge:

- Android SDK, or at least J2ME SDK
- Objective-C language
- SQLite database
- English communication

The mobile developer could be someone who do not have a lot of experience and recently graduated from university.

Pay will be competitive with a great bonus plan. Lots of potential to grow and develop your career. We are a fun dynamic team.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at  [email protected] if you have any questions. Candidate must be able to reasonably communicate in English.

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